garrison | three years

Sweet boy, how did we get here so fast? On October 28th, G2 turns 3. I know, seriously.

This year was a big year for us in terms of change. We sold our first home right at the beginning of the year as well as the land we had originally intended building on (long story short: that land no longer felt right), and we moved in with my mother-in-law while figuring out where in Salado we were going to live. God worked in big, big ways, and quickly after selling our home we went under contract to buy a farmhouse fixer on 5 acres. It was a dream come true for us! We spent the remaining part of spring and all summer watching our home transform, and then at the end of August it was ready and we moved again. For a child who thrives on routine and structure, we were concerned about how G2 would handle all of this change, but he surpassed every expectation we had by taking it all completely in stride and never missing a beat. We are so proud of how he handled himself and his happy nature.

Like any toddler, we have our meltdown moments, but *knock on wood* they're pretty few and far between. He's one of the kindest, most accepting little children I've ever known and doesn't let things get to him very easily. If he wants something to eat but we're out of it, he accepts that. If he wants to take a toy in the bathtub but we tell him it can't get wet, he accepts that. If he wants to keep playing but we tell him it's bedtime, he accepts that.

He is very protective over me and is always hugging me, holding my hand, asking me to snuggle, or giving me random kisses. He is the exact little boy I've always wanted. Sweet and gentle, but also all boy. A boy who loves his tractors, trucks, Paw Patrol, Dinotrux, and Ninja Turtles, but a boy who sits down outside and is so gentle to our two kittens. A boy who toots and laughs about it but also still asks me to kiss his booboos. A boy who builds forts on the couch but then asks for the softest blanket we own because "this one's comfy." A boy who plays with my hair in church but also goes outside and "waters the grass."

Like the last couple of photo updates, we went to Chalk Ridge Falls for these pics. He's at the perfect age where "you better not smile at me" works like a charm. I just love these images and the sides of his personality that they capture.

Enjoy :)

And because he's three... the cutest, most pitiful picture ever.

The last two years I wrote 10 things I learned during that year of parenting. This time, I'm going to write some of my favorite things he's done/said this year. Because I think we all can agree this age is just dang funny.

1. G2 bumped his own head while trying to get a toy out of his closet. He walks over to me, gives me a hug, and tells me he's sorry.

2. BapBap: "How's my boy?" G2: "No! I mommy's best boy."

3. G2: "Where'd my grapes go?" *looks under shirt* "they went down the slide!"

4. G2: "I have booders in my nose." Me: "Oh man, did you get it out?" G2: "Yes, I put it in my mouff"

5. "Your name is Savannah. I call you Mommy"

6. At bathtime G2 filled his mouth with dirty bath water and smirked at me with his cheeks full. I made him spit it out and told him that was disgusting and not funny. He looked at me with his eyes turned down and said "it's a little bit funny."

7. Me: "Who do you have in your hand?" G2: "Luke! With a B!"

8. Me: "G2, you're being really whiny, and whiny boys don't get to go to Curly and BapBap's, only happy boys can go to their house." G2: ...*pause* "I changed my attitude."

9. Me: "Am I a boy?" G2: "noooooooo!" Me: "Oh, am I a girl?" G2: "No! You're a she!"

10. Daddy described a female spider to G2 by saying "that's a mommy spider 'cause it has a big ole booty." A little while later G2 led me by the hand over to the spider and ever so sweetly patted my bottom and said "she has a big booty like you mommy!"

Keeping a notebook in my purse for all these moments was one of the best pieces of advice my mom gave me :)