ashley + seth | engagement

You guyssssssss! How in the WORLD do G and I have a niece old enough to be getting married?!

If you know the family I married in to, then you know we're huge. I think I've even said that a time or two on here, but for those that are new, my hubby is one of 8 kids. Same mom, same dad... just a lot of kids! And my hubby is on the younger end of those 8 kids, which means we have nieces and nephews that aren't all that far apart from us in age (less than 10 years).

Ashley is our oldest niece, and we just love her. She's grounded, beautiful, smart, caring, a fantastic cook, she loves Jesus, and girl just has a good head on her shoulders. She makes us all so proud! She's also nearing the end of nursing school at UMHB, and I can't wait to see where life takes her.

Ashley and Seth are straight adorable together. I've never spent time alone with just the two of them, so I completely enjoyed our time together at this shoot! Their young love is so sweet.

These photos are some of my favs ever. Enjoy!