the manns | family

Aghhhhh! I am so excited to have this family on my blog! Kelly was my roommate throughout most of college (ACU!) and is one of my closest friends. She fell in love with and married an Abilene boy, so after graduation she stayed in Abilene, and I moved back here. Because of that, we don't see each other much. It's been a year and a half since the last time! However, our text game is strong and we "talk" daily. I love this girl.

Kelly and her family came to town for a reason different than photographs, but it worked out perfectly that while they were here and staying with us to take their fall photos. 1: I loved having a house full of guests, 2: I loved seeing my friend, and 3: I loved watching our very-close-in-age boys play together. Ages 4, 3, and almost 3. And then you have their sweet baby, a little girl I could just EAT.

Here's to hoping photographs keep us seeing each other face to face more often ;)