garrison | three and a half years

As always, every spring I tend to dust off the cobwebs from this blog in order to blog about my little boy turning a half year older. I promise you, I have the best of intentions of blogging all my sessions.... it just doesn't ever end up happening. And I would apologize for it, except that would leave the impression that I'm going to do better, and I just can't promise that, either. #yaknowyaloveme #honestyisthebestpolicy

Moving on.

G2 is 3.5, and for documentation purposes, I just kind of have to blog about it. :)

Three. AND A HALF. The half is important, because he's changed so much from even just 6 months ago. Not just physically, although ohmygoodness YES...he grew 2 inches in just less than 7 months, but in so many other ways, too.

For starters, shortly after he turned 3 he made the declaration that he did not want his hair "spiky." He wanted to wear it "combed over." I died a little inside at losing his trademark faux hawk, but there was no way either one of us were squelching that request. And now that it's all grown... I can't even stand it. In the best way. So. Many. Heart. Eyes.

Also shortly after he turned 3 he transitioned to a big boy bed. Age 3 seems so old (and odd)  to still be in a crib, but... he never climbed out. Even though he could have ages ago, he loved it, felt cozy and safe, and never did. So, we decided to wait until he either A) climbed out or B) told us he wanted a new bed. Around Thanksgiving he told us he wanted a big boy bed and then a couple of weeks before Christmas he started climbing out. Christmas brought a new bed, a new color-changing clock, jammies he could get on and off by himself, and voila! Instant big boy.

He naturally became nighttime potty trained between age 3 and age 3.5. No more diapers or pull ups in this house. #allthepraisehands

His g's are no longer d's. And his hard c's and k's are no longer t's. He legit says back, clock, big, grab, etc. He does say gwirl instead of girl and sprinkles instead of wrinkles, and I have zero intention of correcting either. Because when you're taking a bath wouldn't you rather your hands be sprinkled instead of wrinkled? Me too.

When I discipline him, his biggest concern is wanting to know if I'm still happy. Any time I get on to him, his immediate response is "but are you still happy?" He has to know I'm happy. He will cry if I'm not happy. In all these pictures below he smiled because he knew it'd make his mommy happy.

He has two invisible siblings named CiCi and HiHi. One is 5 and the other is 2. Sometimes we have to bathe them.

We're beginning to see more of the threenager attitude with testing some boundaries. Sorry kid, we don't break.

He's obsessed with telling stories about ant piles.

He's sneakily good about stalling at bedtime.

And he recently told me that my penis fell off.

Love this little boy and his slightly crooked smile.

Enjoy :)