Welcome to my space on the world wide web! I am thrilled that you stopped by. I am a photographer serving the Central Texas area specializing in families, portraits, children, and newborns.

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About savannah leigh

With a degree in accounting and a full-time job in real estate, photography is my creative outlet. In short, I adore it. I've purposefully kept this business part-time, and that allows me to focus on quality over quantity and keep my prices affordable.

In 2009 I married the boy I've loved since I was 12, and in 2013 we welcomed our son. Gosh, those boys are my favorites. I mean, just look at them! #hearteyesfordays

As for photography, I've never had formal training or taken any classes. I asked for a DSLR for Christmas in 2009, so I could funnel my creative energy through a hobby other than scrapbooking. My husband never knew what hit him when two months later we were already upgrading to a new camera, new lenses, new computer...the whole shebang! This passion just completely took off, and now, years later I still love it just as much... if not more.

I hope you enjoy what you see enough to bring you back, and I hope to serve you in the future!



I believe in Jesus Christ.

I believe in mistakes, grace, and forgiveness

I believe in coffee.

I believe in giving back.

I believe in getting lost in a good book.

I believe in the simple things.

I believe in capturing moments that you cherish forever.


   Photo credit: kelly hosch photography